"Tourist caught climbing Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain to fill up a water bottle. "

In July, a tourist was filmed by a fellow tourist as she climbed the historic 18th-century fountain

In July, a fellow tourist captured a woman on video climbing an iconic Trevi Fountain.

In the clip shared on TikTok, the tourist, who is wearing white capri pants and a blue shirt

The woman is seen holding an empty plastic bottle under the waterfall of the fountain and filling water in the bottle from the spout.

Onlookers were amazed as she entered and exited the fountain, which is estimated to receive about 1,000 visitors every hour.

After the bottle is filled, the woman balances on uneven stones, exiting the fountain and coming back to the viewing area, where other tourists stand.

When the woman emerged from the fountain, she was wearing a bright yellow vest with the words Polizia Roma Capitale on it

A police officer blew the whistle. The guard then approached the tourist and after a brief conversation, took him away from the landmark.