Solid Wood Furniture


Solid wood furniture refers to any item of furniture constructed from lumber as opposed to engineered wood because it is created with actual tree logs. The strands and fibres of wood are used to create engineered wood.

Ever consider the lifespan of solid wood? It is somewhat startling to learn that it takes about 40 years for a seedling to reach maturity before solid wood can be produced.

Depending on the climate, different regions have different wood qualities. Solid wood furniture is crafted from boards, blocks, and planks of wood. The type of tree from which they are taken directly affects their texture, strength, and weight.

Additionally, it is divided into two categories: Hardwood and Softwood. In the furniture industry, hardwood is crucial. We manufacture our items using ornamental hardwood.

We employ a wide range of wood, including European-sourced Steam Beech, White Oak, and White Ash. To give the greatest quality, we also use wood from Canada, Sal Wood from Malaysia, and Teak wood from Burma, Africa, and India.

Customers frequently worry about wood termites. Now, if the problem does arise in some instances, it is simple to fix because solid wood is recyclable and can be treated if discovered at an early stage. The timber blocks go through the KD process to prevent this from happening from our end (Kiln Dry). Kiln Timber that has undergone a regulated drying process to remove moisture from the wood, controlling temperature and humidity, is referred to as dried timber.

Kiln dried wood has the added benefit of being less prone to shrinking and expanding due to its moisture content being close to that of the environment in which it will be installed. The wood is also heated to destroy the pests in addition to this. This technique, which also improves the quality of wood by boosting its compression strength, stiffness, and binding strength to make it more durable, is known as seasoning wood (by preventing cracks which develop overtime). Since no dangerous chemicals are used in the Kiln drying process, it is environmentally safe.

  • Genuine, natural hardwood furniture has an unmatched warmth, luxury, and pure beauty that can improve the ambiance of the space and create a cosy mood.
  • We at Hardiko produce classic styles with a subtle elegance that cannot be duplicated. We create sturdy wood furniture out of top-notch wood that will survive the test of time for upcoming generations.
  • Traditional Wooden Furniture has a number of benefits and features that give it an edge over competing products. Here are several major benefits:
  • Furniture produced from hardwood is quite resilient and is likely to last for many years despite being used constantly. It is priceless because of its characteristic.
  • Hardwood is versatile because it is simple to personalise and can be made in any form, colour, or pattern. Additionally, it enables the room to incorporate a variety of hues and materials.
  • Solid wood furniture has the ability to stand out in terms of aesthetic appeal. Because it reflects the exquisiteness of the timber grains, it has a global appeal.
  • High quality: Solid wood furniture is extremely high quality due to the processes that hardwood goes through before being produced, and the attention to every little detail with customising makes it a family heirloom.
  •   Solid wood furniture is simple to maintain because it doesn’t tend to expand and contract with changes in the weather. Even when scratched, solid wood material adapts well to changes and is simple to restore.

In India, solid wood furniture is a traditional favourite. Solid wood furniture is still a top choice for the hotel sector, despite the popularity of other furniture items created from other materials. After all, solid wood furniture satisfies people’s desires for both durability and attractiveness when it comes to furniture. It also receives great marks for durability in terms of attractiveness. They are frequently easy to keep, resistant to pests, and refinishable so that the natural ageing of furniture can be covered up.

There are a number of technical factors that make solid wood furniture ideal for both lavish interiors and exteriors. Due to its resistance to wear and low care requirements, it is the most popular material for outdoor furniture. Because Teak and Malaysian Sal Wood are the most weather-resistant woods and maintain the beauty of the furniture over time, we advise using them.

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