Teak Wood Farming


A tropical hardwood species, teak belongs to the Lamiaceae family. India’s most valuable and highly valued timber crop is teak. It is a tall deciduous tree with a steely brown trunk that grows up to 40 meters high. In 1842, teak cultivation was introduced into India by Chattu Menon, widely regarded as the father of teak cultivation in India. In addition to furniture, plywood, construction timbers, and shipbuilding, it is the most important hardwood in India.

teak wood


The pH of the soil should be 6.5 or above (to ensure good growth) and the soil should be well drained, dense, and fertile. When the pH of the soil is less than 6.5, crop growth is affected.

Popular Varieties

In addition to Konni Teak, you may also find Godhavari Teak, South and Central American Teak, Nilambur Teak, or Malabar Teak.

Ground Preparation

Plow the field 2-3 times to make the soil friable. Level the soil so that water does not stand in the field. 45x45x45 cm for transplanting new plants. Dig pits at a distance of Apply insecticide along with rotted manure in each pit.


Sowing Time
The seeds are sown in nursery beds. Use young plants of 12-15 months for transplanting. Tissue propagation is done by grafting, root, stem cutting and micro propagation. Pre-germinating plants are used for transplanting. Monsoon season is the best season for teak plantation.

Spacing of 2×2 or 2.5×2.5 or 3×3 meters is kept for transplanting. When inter-cropping is adopted, keep 4×4 m or 5.×5 m spacing.

Seed Depth
Use pre-sprouted plants for teak plantation. 45x45x45 cm Make pits of Put rotted manure and soil in each pit.

Sowing Method
Sowing can be done in row, by broadcasting or by planting paneer.


Amount of Seed
Use about 1500-1800 clones for planting in one acre.

Seed Treatment
The rind of the fruit of teak tree is thick and hard, so before sowing in the nursery, the seeds are pre-treated to increase the germination percentage of the teak seeds. The traditional method of pre-treatment is used for soaking and drying the fruits. In this method the seeds are soaked in water for 12 hours and then dried in the sun for 12 hours. This process is repeated repeatedly for 10-14 days. There are other acid and pit pre-treatment methods for seed treatment.


Every year in August and September month apply N:P:K (15:15:15) @50 gm per plant for first three years.

Weed Control

It is necessary to make the field weed free in the first three years. Weeding at regular time. Do 3 weeding in the first year and 2 in the second year. Weeding once in the third year of transplanting.


No irrigation is required during the monsoon season. Irrigate in hot or summer months and as per requirement. The yield improves to a great extent with irrigation as per requirement. Excess irrigation leads to more water spots and fungus.

Harvest the Crop

When the tree reaches the cutting stage, then mark that tree and report it to the Chief Regional Forestry Office. Harvesting can be done after getting permission. Teak cultivation is most profitable because it has a huge demand in India as well as abroad. A 14 year old teak tree provides 10-15 cubic feet of wood.




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